2012 Tencent Hackathon

Hey guys, I signed up the Tencent Hackathon which scheduled on Jun. 9 - 10, 2012. Note that the whole process lasts 33 hrs, and take snaps if necessary. It seems pretty fun. The better news is that I got a team of four excellent colleagues. We got a great idea, and feel like we are going to be very high in the future event.

Lately, I read lots of hackathon news from TechCrunch, NYC, YCombinator etc. I love hackathon and deadly want to be part of it. H5ere it comes.

Today we discussed the poster design, idea presentation, and even the domain name register. The domain part is my favourite one.

We discussed the UI design and user interactions details, and also revised the recommend algorithms. It's time to take off. Hang on ……

This morning I did some stupid thing: write a shell script with 'rm *' in it. Then I learned some geek trick to alias the real command.

The day came. Come on, guys, rock and roll, it's party time for geeks. The most important thing is have fun as much as you can.

Live from Tencent Hackathon: our idea comes top ranking.  After 48 hours fighting, our team won the best ** award.

To be continued ...

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